Vosler Young Artists’ Studio at McLean Project for the Arts

 In Summer Art Camp

For any young artist with the desire to learn classical drawing. No previous experience is necessary.  

A new classical art program created by professional artist Kerry Vosler for young art students. In an Atelier environment held in the beautiful light-filled Emerson Gallery, students will study and draw from life with a master instructor. As students master core concepts and show understanding through their drawings, they will be given more complicated concepts to master; students will draw a variety of pictures in charcoal throughout the week including copy work from the late nineteenth century, Bargue-Gérôme Drawing Course, culminating in a session with a live model on Friday afternoon. Students will have at least two portfolio drawings by the end of the week, and parents and families are encouraged to attend the closing certificate ceremony on Friday at 4:15. Students bring a bag lunch and drink each day. Tuition includes all materials costs.

13-18 years

5 days with 1 hour lunch each day @ $390/$370 MCC District Residents

Register 6221.116         M-F, 8/8-8/12   9:15 – 4:15


One hour Lunch  (Students need to get off their feet and feel fresh when they get back to the easel)

We will try to bring in professional guest artists affiliated with our school several days to have lunch with our students and talk about their personal experience.  This is a casual and fun part of the learning experience.  To be announced at a later date.  Students are asked to bring their own bag lunch and drink.  We provide bottled water throughout the week.

First and Second Day:

Short concise demonstrations will be done throughout the day to guide students through copy work from the Bargue Drawing Course.  This Bargue drawing will become a portfolio piece and most students will finish one by the end of the second day.  Additionally we will send another copy of a different Bargue home with them to complete at their own pace.  Students will keep a packet of drawing reference material from this course.  This is the phase of our program that propels students drawing skills forward and sets them up for success through the rest of the workshop.

Third & Fourth day: 

We dive right into drawing with the instructor.  Typically we teach them to draw the anatomy of the head to understand the bone structure of the human skull.  Students will be taught how to draw the human head and face during this time frame.  Our students love to learn to draw faces!

Friday (Shorter or earlier lunch) 

We reserve the morning to finish drawings from the previous day and/or add more content. After lunch we bring in a costumed model and provide a themed drawing event with music.  This is where we allow our students to practice their learned skills.  They feel very confident by Friday and are ready for this fun experience.  This is a non-instructed time but teachers continue to assist students at their easels throughout the afternoon.

Friday Afternoon | 4:15 pm

Certificate of Completion and closing comments.
Parents and families are encouraged to attend!

Learn more about the Vosler Young Artists’ Studio here

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