In the Round: Dimensional Fiber Works and Trees on the Edge: Artwork in Layered Paper by Ronni Jolles
December 9, 2022 – February 18, 2023
Opening Exhibition Reception Friday, December 9, 2022 from 7-9 pm
Opening Exhibition Reception presented by The Mather

In the Round: Dimensional Fiber Works (Emerson Gallery)

This curated exhibit will feature works made primarily from fiber-based materials. In the Round featured artists include YunKyoung ChoLinda ColshMichael GessnerSookkyung Park, and Kristina Penhoet.

Utilizing processes and configurations that bring into being works that claim status as objects rather than illusions, the pieces in this exhibit operate in the realm of “thing-ness”. We as viewers co-exist alongside these unique and imaginative objects, understanding innately their weight and size in relation to ourselves, but unsure at times about the material or purpose. Questions arise that fascinate, that keep us looking and wondering, pondering possibilities and stretching the visual and conceptual boundaries of our mutual coexistence.

Trees on the Edge: Artwork in Layered Paper by Ronni Jolles (Atrium Gallery)
Jolles creates beautiful paper paintings through a unique process using many different kinds of paper from all over the world. She cuts, tears and layers hundreds of pieces to build each of her images, creating works with active texture, infinite color and distinct presence. Although Jolles works with a variety of subjects, the pieces in the MPA exhibit focus on forms in the landscape as interpreted through trees. These engaging works bring the spirit of the woods alive, celebrating the beauty, strength and importance of this majestic life form.

Opening Exhibition Reception presented by The Mather







Linda Colsh, "Body of Work" Mixed Media, 2022
Ronnie Jolles, "Beyond the Edge"

Emerson and Atrium Galleries: Youth Art Show
McLean Pyramid Show: March 1-11, 2023
Langley Pyramid Show: March 16-25, 2023

March is Youth Art Month! McLean Project for the Arts (MPA) invites you to celebrate by attending its annual Youth Art Shows, featuring work by FCPS Langley and McLean Pyramid students from elementary through high school.

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