New Exhibitions Open January 14, 2016

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January 14 – March 5, 2016

Reception and Gallery Talk, 7 = 9 PM, Thursday, Janurary 14


Emerson Gallery:

Absence and Presence: Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here

Artists worldwide have created work speaking to the issue of freedom of expression in response to the 2007 bombing of Baghdad’s historic bookselling street, exhibiting in venues all around the world as part of the Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here project.

This exhibition will feature a selection of prints, broadsides and artists books from the project that commemorate this event and celebrate the free and creative exchange of ideas and knowledge everywhere. This exhibition is part of a diverse coalition of DC-area universities and arts and literary organizations taking part in the project. Other exhibition sites include the George Mason University School of Art Gallery, the Gelman Library and the Corcoran School of Art and Design at the George Washington University, the Brentwood Arts Exchange, Smith Center for Healing and the Arts, Olly Olly Gallery, and the Smithsonian American Art/Portrait Gallery Library.


Atrium Gallery:

Hushed Revolt: Works by Nasrin Navab and Nahid Navab

This exhibition will feature explorations on the themes of time, space and social concerns by two Iranian artists, Nasrin and Nahid Navab, who are sisters. Using the opportunity of this exhibition to start a shared journey of exchanging memories, they have told each other stories in the tradition of Shahrezad and her sister Shahrnavaz, culminating in collaborative works which include drawings, prints, artist books and installations. The many-textured and multi-layered array of influences and interests leading to this work includes Persian calligraphy and miniature painting, global mythology, contemporary urban life, architecture and urban design, and individual and communal identity.



Ramp Gallery: Les Fleurs de Livre: New Paintings by Carol Barsha

In this exhibition, artist Carol Barsha shows paintings that playfully explore the role of the book as an entryway into the world. Executed in a dynamic combination of mediums, including watercolor, ink, pastel, oil paint and pencil on paper, this exhibit features a series of works, both large and small, that situate the book within the landscape. In this way, the complexity and exuberance of the natural world is thereby considered along with the open territory of the imagination and the age-old practice of storytelling.


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