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November 6 – December 20,  2014

Reception and Gallery Talk, 7 – 9 PM,  November 6

Emerson Gallery: Sculpture by Rachel Rotenberg
Rachel Rotenberg’s sculptures beautifully encompass a myriad of contradictory forces. Monolithic and strong in bearing, they are created organically and intuitively from wood and other natural materials. Imposing and warm at the same time, each piece stands firm and true to its own form, yet also winds and twists to follow unexpected turns that lead to secret and surprising interior spaces. Abstract, yet echoing the fundamental familiarity of nature, these human- scale works exude a confidence and clarity that gives them a naturalistic yet distinct authority.

Atrium Gallery: Remember Me as I Was: Paintings by Ryan Carr Johnson
Maryland artist Ryan Carr Johnson makes paintings that live in the intersection between surface and shape. Created by building layer upon layer of paint, one on top of another, through a slow and time-consuming process, the paintings become evolutionary versions of their original selves. Time is an active component, both in the creation and in the visceral experience instinctually understood by the viewer. Color, or the lack thereof, is added to the mix, furthering the visual understanding of the artists’ process.

Ramp Gallery: Cheap Heat:  New Work by JD Deardourff
Deriving both imagery and energy from the world of comic books, JD Deardourff creates explosive collaged silk-screen prints that burst into space with uncommon exuberance. Abstracted space is constructed through drawing together visual fragments with color. Works that humm with movement and draw the viewer into an open storyline are the end result.

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