Spring Benefit on May 15th! Buy your tickets here.

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Thank you for your generous support! The ever-popular annual MPA Spring Benefit is the centerpiece of MPA’s 2014 growth! Join us to see what’s in bloom for MPA this year.  Please note that advanced reservations are required.  For more info, please contact us at 703-790-1953 or email eface@mpaart.org.

Click here for your invitation

The party is awesome, but what really counts is how your ticket and sponsorship purchases help MPA.
Here are just a few ways your support helps:

  • $300 provides a an after-school workshop for 25 school children
  • $750 provides 100 school children an interactive tour of the MPA galleries and lessons linked to the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs)
  • $1,500 provides 10, 3-hour sessions of in-school art education linked to Science
  • $2000 provides 5, 2-hour workshops for 20 low-moderated income seniors and/or developmentally disabled adults
  • $2,500 pays for 8 buses to bring 480 “at-risk” students to MPA’s galleries
  • $5,000 supports MPA exhibitions and ArtReach curriculum development linked to the Virginia SOLs
Buy your tickets/sposorships here



Click links below to see photos from MPA Spring Benefit 2013

Spring Benefit 2013: MPA on Smug Mug

Spring Benefit 2013 Photos by Shanahan Photography

More information about how you can support MPA.

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