3 Reasons YOU Should Become an MPA Member

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Monday, February 1

Love art? Love your community?

How are you not an MPA member yet?

As an MPA member, you have the power to support art education, exhibits, and arts events in your community year-round. Help us build a sustainable, supportive, and artistic community today.

Here are three reasons why you should become an MPA member:

1. Connect to Your Community 

IMG_4169 IMG_0126

Be a part of something exciting! Join a thriving and supportive community dedicated to art, sharing it with others, and using it as a force for good. Meet new people, families, and artists who all share a similar interest in creating a thriving and inspiring community.

2. Tap into Your Creativity 

Drawing-and-PAinting AF14-Children's-Art-Walk

Look no further for ways to engage you and your family’s artistic side. MPA’s exciting workshops and art courses are sure to help get the creativity flowing, and there is something cool for any age! Each year, MPA offers over 150 classes for all levels from kids to adults including a top-notch summer camp. And the best part is, MPA members receive a 10% discount on one of these classes every quarter.

3. Inspire Others 

Strictly-Painting-10_teens-playing-web In-gallery-tour-ES-web ArtReach in the Schools

If you care about art and community, you probably care about arts education too. ArtReach is a highly successful MPA arts education and outreach program that reaches thousands of Fairfax County students every year. MPA successfully brings hands on workshops, in-gallery tours, and a dynamic arts education because of the support of our members.


Join us today as an Individual, Individual (65 Plus), Family, Artist, or Student Member!

More information.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our MPA community!

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