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TwoosyDoodlers_discoverAbrakadoodle Art Classes for kids 20 months-6 years
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This popular series of imaginative art classes for children is based on the learning principles of Jean Piaget. Children create wonderful “masterpieces” using innovative art materials while exploring artistic styles and techniques. Each series of lessons offers unique experiences designed to foster creativity. Instructors are Abrakadoodle Staff.


Young Rembrandts Drawing Classes and Workshops for kids 6-12 years
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Students learn and develop drawing skills and art appreciation through our progressive, open-ended approach to drawing. We use stepwise instruction to inspire students’ independent drawings, including seasonal, realistic and abstract images. Our curriculum is varied and challenging, with new, engaging drawing lessons every week, and every session. Our goal is to provide children with the skills and confidence to create fun and rewarding artwork in and out of our class.


Teen StudioArt classes for kids 8-12 years through McLean Project for the Arts
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Taught by MPA’s professional art faculty, these classes take art learning and creation to the next level. MPA offers classes to this age group in drawing fundamentals, painting fundamentals, mixed media, sculpture, and more. These classes are designed to challenge students to develop their observational skills, craft different approaches in the creative process, apply art historical contexts, and hone their technical skills and vocabulary in the fine arts.


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