Shanye Huang

Transformation #3

Ink, acrylic on Xuan paper cut on painted canvas

24″ x 24″



Artist Statement

In the Transformation series, I explored the concept of identity transformation over my lifetime experiences. I wrote my favorite poem reflecting my state of mind at the time on the painted fine Chinese Xuan paper or colorful soft lines in various styles of Chinese calligraphy. Then I carefully perform the ritual of paper cutting. While cutting the calligraphy paper or painted linen into the holes with varied shapes/patterns, I sensed the loss of its integrity, meanwhile, I felt an urge of the excitement seeing its transformation —  like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon takes off for a fresh fly. Attaching the cut-paper/linen on canvas, I tug my fingers between the spaces, feeling the traces of its originality and appreciating more of the newly gained identity. 

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