"Sharbreon's Joy"
"Nina's Gaze 1"

LaToya Hobbs

Sharbreon’s Joy

Woodcut on Mulberry Paper

20″ x 16″  2019

Nina’s Gaze 1

Woodcut and Collage on Mulberry Paper  20″ x 16″  2019


Artist Statement

Visual images influence the psychological framework upon which identity is established; particularly the images that one sees of those that are representative of their community. With this sensitivity to the importance of visual images in mind, I use portraits inspired by women of the African Diaspora to facilitate an ongoing dialog about the Black Female Body in hopes of producing a more balanced perception of our womanhood that dismantles prevailing stereotypes. Consequently, my work serves as a platform that enables its subject(s) to engage in a visual dialogue with the viewer. In addition to painting, relief printmaking encompasses a significant part of my practice. The act of cutting away from my matrix (the surface of the wood or linoleum block) to shape an image is synonymous with the way one has to cut away negative ideologies imposed on them by others to shift their perspective and embrace their true selves. 

Instagram: @latoyahobbs 

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