Kristin Hayes Campbell

Omnipresence: Spirit Tree Series

Acrylic, spray paint, and oil pastel on archival paper

56” x 42”



Artist Statement

With all materials, processes and intentions considered, my work reflects the feeling of fragility, yet fearlessness through improvisation. I am interested in utilizing elements of nature as my primary source of reference to express divine energy, or “Spirit”. Through the use of symbols, color, and gestural tree limbs, I am allowed to intuitively imagine and manifest this energy on a two-dimensional plane. To shift is to change, to move in some transformative way. This work, from the series, “Spirit Trees”, embodies the idea of sacred energy being found in trees and other elements that resemble parts of nature. Within this sacred energy, life is found, life is repeatedly renewed, which is represented by the circles covering the tree limbs. This sacred energy is not fixed; it is changing, moving throughout the tree’s gestural, human-like limbs, and transforming this environment. This works represents a moment where such a force of energy is made visible, through the use of color, symbolism, gesture and movement.  
Instagram: @krishayesart 

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