“My Own Tropical Forest” is a video production.

Ira Tattelman

My Own Tropical Forest




Artist Statement

My work is a dialogue with and reinterpretation of the environs we inhabit. I observe, respond to, and interpret the built surroundings. My multi-disciplinary practice makes physical and emotional connections to the constructed environments in which I live and travel. Since the physical world is constantly changing, I call attention to the planned and unplanned outcomes of human actions. 

I find inspiration in the everyday, cluttered world, prioritizing idiosyncratic and unexpected details. While many of the videos I have made were filmed internationally, in this time of Covid-19 I have shifted to working locally. This videos was filmed behind my studio. I capture this moment in time, calling attention to our presence in the world, the evidence we leave behind and the thoughts/dreams that help transport us. 

IraTattelman.tumblr.com (Website)  
Instagram: @tattelman 

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