Claudia Lamy

Intercambios Lullaby

Video, Found Object, Painting, Sound Design

600 Sq Gallery 1 61’ X 27.9’ feet



Artist Statement

CLAUDIA LAMY is a multimedia artist with an intercultural approach to her investigations of energy exchanges. Her past work experiences in business, community and therapy feed into her holistic view of art-making that concentrates on the intuitive process, environmental resourcefulness and conscious choices.

The themes of work are based on human exchanges observed through her awareness and studied theories within self, others, cultural functioning and economical services. The use of the body, found objects and technology is consistent in her work. These elements are used to reconstruct a space for viewers to add to the current spectrum on sexual thought. It starts with the deconstruction of cultural perceptions that she presents as evolved cultural thought that needs to continue to evolve. The works aims to bring consciousness of the limited general population view of current exchanges of sexuality and help both genders reclaim the power of their feminine inherited value. Her motivation to observe and respond with core values to societal matters drives her intent to provide public art through the multimedia of 2D, 3D, 4D Augmented Reality Installations.

Her use of painting, sculpture, video, sound design, augmented reality and installation provides a collage approach to connect to the senses and feelings of viewers through the experience of a surreal still life installation. The layered approach is applied to share the web of interconnections and reintroduce curiosity and a sense of unknown organic existence in our current controlled approach to everyday living. The stream of consciousness process that she uses to produce the work is the organic material through which she conceives to create the conceptual space. It is supported through the exchange with intuitives and multi disciplinary professionals, for viewer interaction.  
FB: Claudia.Lamy 

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