Anna U. Davis

Tug of War

Acrylic, ink pen and paper collage on raw linen

41″ x 31″



The Perfect Woman

Video, edition of 5



Artist Statement

I began developing my artistic practice and my concept of Frocasians more than 25 years ago. Frocasians(an amalgam of Afro and Caucasian) appear in my art as abstracted grey­-scaled figures which are meant to transcend racial divides, and are inspired by my interracial relationship with my husband. I picked the color grey, since grey is an achromatic color (a color “without color.”) The Frocasian characters carry out my target subject matter, which draws upon a broad range of influences that internalizes my fascination with gender relations, sexuality and other social issues. What started as hard-edge acrylic paintings have evolved into multimedia work which incorporates acrylic paint, ink drawing, paper collage and video.  

“Tug of War” explores segregation of race, gender and communities. The work was created for the 13th Havana Biennial in Cuba in 2019 and represents my reflections of the perpetual obstacles in our way in order to build bridges to create an inclusive and just future for all.  

“The Perfect Woman” explores the objectification of women, comparing how we cut up animals into unrecognizable body parts which we put on display and sell for consumption with a woman who is equally cut up into sexualized body parts put on display and ready for consumption. 

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