Carol Reed


Black ink and acrylic paint on paper, plus graphite, rubber and wood stamp, on 140lb hot pressed, smooth, cotton paper

30” x 44”



Artist Statement

For me, painting is described through the language of abstraction. With both imagery and titling, I make use of various representational elements, but endeavor to avoid a direct reading. I purposely seek to make work that remains elusive and resistant to any single interpretation. I work toward the discovery of tension points, when a picture can be read simultaneously with both subject and process in (more or less) equal measure. The works presented here show construction and deconstruction as significant to each piece. The marks I make reveal the textual effects of tools I use – plus evidence of my artist’s hand assertively applied. By cutting, tearing and layering, I puzzle through a process of subtraction – building by removing, deleting my way to clarity. The resulting images are built with multiple technique combinations. Painted areas over stacks of hand printing over scraping and graphite–resulting in deep marks, thick geometry, hard edges worked against a flow of delicate drawing, the fog of past images and memories of abandoned thoughts. Working toward an internal logic, each piece is a constant exchange of formal and fantasy, subject and process. Outwardly, I make art oriented toward timely, formal artistic issues –inwardly, I look for a story. Art making for me is the perpetual balance between these concepts.

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