Beth Cartland

“Hold Tight When All is Chaos”

Ink, paint, Prints

36 x 60”



Artist Statement

I am a painter of energy and power. My work is unique and reaches out to the viewer. Each painting is full of dialogue and has its own demands thru color, shape, texture and layers. I love the physical process of applying paint to the canvas. The application of color and line to the surface gives me a sense of freedom and energy that connects the external world with my private interior space. I work the surface of each painting thru layers of original prints, and collage materials. When parts of paintings contain “over-painting” that are then scraped free, it feels that I am sharing part of my life with the audience and sharing is important to me as a person and as an artist. For me, abstract art, like life, is always accessible and inaccessible at the same time. Both tangible and mysterious, abstract art contains the elements of surprise and spirituality.

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