Additional MPAartfest Artists will be added to this list as they are confirmed.  

  • Adah Rose Gallery
  • Jill Banks
  • Cheryl Bearss
  • Jon Black
  • Lorrie Bouhaoala
  • David Carlson
  • Eunjeon Chung
  • Mirko Congiu
  • Joseph English
  • Roma Fisher
  • Elizabeth Floyd
  • Robert Friedenberg
  • Betty Ganley
  • Ute Gill
  • Courtney Gillen
  • Justine Godown
  • Nataliya Gurshman
  • Scott Hutchison
  • Yasmine Iskander
  • Carolee Jakes
  • Katie Keister
  • Mia Kim
  • Christiane Lavin
  • Joyce Lee
  • Susan Livingston
  • Susan Moskow
  • Davrill Nash
  • Not-Wolf-Productions
  • Rebecca Ravenal
  • Jim Rehak
  • Larry Ringgold
  • Katherine Rodgers
  • Carol Samour
  • Threads of Blessing
Join other leaders in the community and be part of this special MPAartfest opportunity — sponsor an artist!
This sponsorship can be in the name of your business, family, neighborhood, book group, sports team, as well as in honor or memory of a loved one. With this sponsorship, you will receive signage above the tent of each artist whom you sponsor. MPAartfest draws thousands of visitors each year making your sponsorship both an amazing PR opportunity for you and a way to connect art and community!
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