Sheila Crider combines painting, drawing, braiding, stitching and weaving to create three-dimensional abstract forms. Through these works, which are both beautiful and evocative, Crider has found an inventive and original process that enables her to visually explore multiple intersections between material, place, tradition, race, gender, history, culture, narrative, art, painting, object and picture.

-Nancy Sausser


/                                              \

MATERIAL                           PLACE                   TRADITION

RACE                                  GENDER                     HISTORY

CULTURE                      NARRATIVE                 FINE ART

PAINTING                         OBJECT                      PICTURE

Intersectional Painting is an on-going series of works using quilt batting as a metaphor for community in an examination of the 12 words above and their connectedness symbolized by braiding, stitching and weaving. “Intersectional Painting” uses painting, stitching and weaving  to achieve a narrative abstraction in sculptural relief and three-dimensional form.

-Sheila Crider

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