Heloisa Escudero


mixed media and film from food packing that is not recyclable

various dimensions depending on interaction 




Artist Statement

Consciously or not there has to be some kind of justification for every human action.  I find humans very fascinating and at the same time there are certain behaviors that repulse me.  Not all of my depictions of human behavior have a negative aspect, some are just pure admiration for the complexities of the human psyche.

The first person I put under observation is myself.   In the next step my surroundings become the object of my observations by finding patterns of the same behavior in others.  The final goal of my exploration is to visually create a representation of some behaviors along with the rationalization of the actions.  Never searching for answers to justify bad behaviors I instead try to gain an understanding of key human actions that might help explain mentally, spiritually and physically why we do the things we do.


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