Emily Hoxworth Hager


mixed media including spay foam, chiffon, paper mache, latex tubing, beeswax, acrylic, silicone 

58″ x 28″ x 14″




Artist Statement

Engaging with and questioning her conservative upbringing in Greensboro, NC, Emily explores the cultural archetypes that have shaped her perception of relationships, gender roles, and sexuality through her surreal tableaus. Her complex compositions depict characters that seek connection and a sense of belonging as they navigate shifting landscapes. Emily’s aesthetic draws from her experience studying studio art at the University of Virginia and in France, as well as her career in digital design and advertising.

I make art for exterior and interior spaces—both large and small scale.  Works range from free-standing and suspended sculptures, to wall and floor installations.  Bamboo, wood and paper, layered color and burned-in patterns are my hallmarks and whenever possible LED light elements are integrated in the composition or for a backlit effect.


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