Craig Kraft

Damaged Spirit of the African Elephant

neon, wood, filament

27″ x 27″ x 30″




Artist Statement

Craig Kraft’s works are generated from rolled and painted aluminum tubing and neon. The dimensions of the tubing vary from 1 ¾ “ x 3 “ up to 6 “ x 3 “ for monumental scale sculpture. The neon tubing is shaped three dimensionally, highlighting the aluminum structure from all sides. These techniques have allowed Kraft to bring the colored lines and reflected volumes of light into wide-open spaces. When the clean lines of neon interact with a new or existing architectural structure, volumes of light are created three dimensionally, resulting in a site inspired, integrated light sculpture

Light sculptures have both a sense of newness and energy and they are about the future as much as the present. There is an element of marking, which the crossing of colored lines against one another generates. The effect of the sculpture is to mark importance, not just of location but also significance. The sculptural mark of light resonates in the collective memory.

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