• Carolyn Gore-Ashe
    Carolyn Gore-Ashe

    “I love taking a deep dive with one theme over the course of the week at MPA Art Camp, working with a variety of media. I enjoy learning with and from our art campers!”

    -Carolyn Gore-Ashe, MPA Summer Art Camp Instructor 


    Carolyn Gore-Ashe graduated from East Carolina University and Syracuse University with degrees in design. She had a career in fabric design in New York City before returning to Northern Virginia to raise her family. Carolyn has been an art teacher at Spring Hill Elementary School for 17 years. This will be her second summer of MPA Art Camp.

  • Arthur Kwon Lee
    Arthur Kwon Lee

    “I love inspiring and supporting kids in their creative journeys! For students interested in becoming a professional in an aesthetic field, I can help instill important disciplines I wish I had learned at a younger age.”  –Arthur Kwon Lee, MPA Summer Art Camp Instructor

    A Korean American painter whose gestural mark making harmonizes expressive color palettes with world mythologies, Arthur is excited to return to MPA Summer Art Camps for his 4th year. His work has won awards from George Washington University, the Korean Artists Association, and the Corcoran Gallery of Art. He also recently received the inaugural ‘Artist of the Year’ award by the Eileen Kaminsky Family Foundation. Arthur taught art at the Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland, and is also an MPA faculty member, teaching virtually from NYC. Prior to his career as an artist, Arthur was a Division One athlete who placed in the US Tae Kwon Do Nationals for three consecutive years. Arthur will be teaching both virtual and in-studio camps this summer at MPA.

  • Marianna Condley
    Marianna Condley

    “MPA Summer Art Camps are a wonderful enrichment opportunity that I am proud to be a part of each summer. The students are so much fun, and learn about subjects they may not learn about in a typical classroom!” -Marianna Condley, MPA Summer Art Camp Instructor 

    Originally from Ohio, Marianna Condley graduated from Kent State University. She has been teaching in Fairfax County Public Schools for nine years. This will be her third summer teaching MPA Summer Art Camps, and she is so excited to return!

  • Kerry L. Vosler
    Kerry L. Vosler

    “Great artists, musicians, writers, and athletes do not acquire their skills overnight. It takes years of study to gain insights and to understand the technical mastery of the craft for all of these endeavors. Talent is nice to have but not necessary to become an artist. Dedication and long-term commitment is really what determines how successful an artist will become.”

    -Kerry Vosler, Vosler Young Artists’ Studio

    Known for her masterful Flamenco Dancers paintings, portraits and landscapes, master instructor Kerry Vosler has painted state officials, children, and corporate portraits. Her global clients range from Australia, the United States, and Europe. In 2010, Kerry and her husband James co-founded the Vosler Young Artists’ Studio, A Classical Atelier in Tampa, Florida. Today, her school is nationally recognized as a unique and quality program for young artists. Each summer, Kerry visits McLean to hold a week-long Vosler Young Artists’ Studio as part of our MPA Summer Camp programming.

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson

    “Our summer art camps are creative, colorful, and most importantly fun! I want my campers to explore and practice new art techniques and build on their creativity–all while enjoying the camp experience. I look forward to an awesome summer!” -Nathan Johnson

    Collage artist and illustrator Nathan Johnson returns for his third year with MPA Summer Art Camps. As an artist, Mr. Johnson seeks to find inspiration through what he sees in every day life–a sunset, certain color combinations in a book, or images that pop into his head. “I find so much satisfaction in exploring the medium and letting it take me on a journey,” says Mr. Johnson. A long-time art teacher for Fairfax County Public Schools, Mr. Johnson’s work has appeared in the FCPS faculty art show. His work has also hung in the Northern Virginia Community College Art Department and at Busboys and Poets.

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