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logo_SP10_ June 2015MPA’s biannual exhibition of the best regional painting continues through August 1st, 2015

Strictly Painting is a juried exhibition of contemporary art by Mid-Atlantic regional artists.

Guest Juror

Special thanks to exhibition guest juror Vesela Sretenovic, Senior Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Phillips Collection

Exhibition Award Winners

Marie Ringwald, Shante Bullock, Sanzi Kermes, Jean Sausele-Knodt, Tory Cowles, Liliane Milgrom, Josephine Haden, Nathaniel Amour, Chee-Keong Kung, and Corwin Levi.


1. Alattar, Lina
2. Amour, Nathaniel
3. Arkin, Sondra
4. Bonica, Dorothy
5. Braun, Greg
6. Brock, Anthony
7. Bullock, Shante
8. Cowles, Tory
9. Flick, Jeremy
10. Garner, Eric
11. Godfrey, Jane
12. Grunwell, John
13. Haden, Josephine
14. Hendrick, Jay
15. Hill, William
16. Hoover, Lillian
17. Hoysted, Jackie
18. Ilchi, Hedieh Javanshir
19. Kermes, Sanzi
20. Kirkland, JT
21. Kung, Chee-Keong
22. Leslie Nolan
23. Levi, Corwin
24. Maher, Megan
25. Marchand, Anne
26. McCulloch, Lindsay
27. Milgrom, Lillianne
28. Minah, Greg
29. Nassikas, Georgia
30. Pollock, Maryann
31. Ringwald, Marie
32. Sausele-Knodt, Jean
33. Stout, Mary Gallagher
34. Szczepaniak, Diane
35. van Helden, Silvie
36. Weiblinger, Richard Paul
37. Weiss, Michael
38. Whealin, Alice


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