Tim Davis

Tuned In

Mixed media, acrylic on plexi, acrylic on paper and circuit boards

28″ x 35″


Artist Statement

My focus has been to utilize themes that represent interactions of relationships between stylized figures, and portraits in environments. Many of the individuals are portrayed without features or facial expressions; this allows the viewer to engage the portrait in a different way and also to “fill in” the expression and interpret a visual conversation. I create using mixed media materials and exploring different narratives with graphite, sculpture materials, acrylic, photography, pen and ink, and collage. The images are to inspire and show strength of a culture and create dialogue for growth about history and identity. My concern has always been the human experience and the black experienceI paint that experience through real people that I have met, seen, talked with, taught, mentored and experienced in my life. The compositions on plexiglass are mixed media layered that explore color, form, line, texture, and reflection. 

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