Kay Christy

Wired for Stonehenge

Interactive Digital Photo-illustration


Artist Statement

Art at its core becomes a search for truth of being. The process, therefore, also becomes a state of being and, in that, a place inextricably intertwined with time. How we, as humans, are woven into the fabric of time and space is a question that has surfaced consistently during my moments of quiet. What are the hallmarks of this relationship? Birth, death, intimacy’s ebb and flow?  

The combination of still photography/illustration, environment, and interactivity engages my feeling of connectedness to that fabric. Using a combination of still imagery and interactivity gives an opening to pause a moment of time as well as the control to explore that moment. It appeals in a similar fashion as film’s slow-motion effect yet shifts the traditional narrative that often accompanies time-based media. The viewer has the option to passively rotate around a single point of view or actively engage using computer input. It is my hope that placing the viewer in the center of the imagined environment brings them the solitude of this perspective and a connectedness to it. 

Wired for Stonehenge: Wired for Stonehenge loads to its interactive platform, rotating into view images of housing past and present, overlaid with what may wire them together. From a ghostly distance two young girls observe looking forward and backward. Through their own interaction with the piece the viewer also has the choice to look forward or backward, finding universal sense of space in the constructed moments of beauty.


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