Jane Podesta

Abandoned in Blackwater

Photography on metal

20″ x 30″



Artist Statement

Capturing breathtaking images of migrating Tundra Swans at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge or lingering herons camouflaged in the reeds along the Potomac inspires me.  

As a photographer in this era, I want to record the historic changes shaking our nation. In recent months, I have been exploring street and protest photography in Washington, D.C.  And I have been expanding to cover the impact of climate change on the environment.  

With my digital camera as a paintbrush, I strive to capture the light streaming through the glistening waters and the shadows coloring the hidden woods. Nature is unpredictable so I study the sun, brace for the wind and hike along the shores.  

I have spent years gathering a portfolio of images reflecting the hidden treasures of our region. My photos have appeared in galleries in the Washington, D.C., area, where I have worked for decades as a journalist and photographer. 


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