Francisca Oviedo

A Pause in Time

Photogravure on Fabriano rosaspina, acid free paper

8.2″ x 6.2”



Artist Statement

“A Pause in Time” reflects limited space, a pause in time, schedule, and routine; just like we are experiencing in these difficult times. But there is a window with light, reminding us there is hope and that in this moment we are safe in our most intimate space.

The works of Francisca are many times a trip to her past and her native country (Chile) where she lived much of her life. However, being that her work represents different scenarios, the viewer can be transported anywhere in the world or from their own imagination.  

The artist’s works largely reflect her inner, introspective and adventurous world, and that gets influenced by a particular situation she is in. The execution and election of the subjects are positive and have a personal seal. It is here that many of her creations are transformed and brought into the present. There is a constant search and study of different techniques and materials, thus transforming each of her works into a new adventure every time.  

Usually the artist works in an organized environment, which allows her a discipline that is also transmitted in the final result of her artistic works.  

The modern world is full of complex interactions that in many moments separate us from each other. Francisca seeks to wrap the viewer, telling her story through different images. 

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