Dorian I. Traynham

Chaos, Mr. Esher

Acrylic paint, found paper on cradled panel

12″ x 48″



Artist Statement

My work explores the complex and sometimes fragile balance of modern societal growth. The changing visual patterns of progress, whether good or bad, identifies how I look at society progression.  

I have lived most of my life in a rural setting, where the farmland, necessary buildings and the people have maintained control of the visual grid.  

But with suburbanization, that way of life has begun to diminish and it loses its shape. The network of geometric patterns found in the land are torn down, the building destroyed and the people adapt. Those patterns become altered, sometimes obsolete. The balance of the old with the new patterns inform my imagery.  

Memories mixed with new emerging patterns are explored through paint, printmaking and assemblages. Marks are layered to obliterate or reveal new combinations of patterns, shifting the network found in our new societies. My response to change comes with some regret, but, the new ‘footprint’ becomes inevitable.  
Instagram: @studio797va 

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