Diane Charnov


Digital photography – archival print

14” x 17”



Artist Statement

Shifting mediums, careers and perspectives is the arc of my life. From a political speechwriter and think tank analyst, who spent the first half of her professional life behind a desk with words and ideas to a photographer, ceramicist and arts writer, behind a camera, a potter’s wheel, and a notepad.  

The rhythm of my life has undergone substantial shifts. Now in the remainder of time, I return to my first love  art — born from a childhood raised near Cranbrook and an adulthood immersed in the visual world as an artist, art critic (Jentel Critic at the Bray 2019) and maker.  

Once the political speechwriter to the Korean Prime Minister and U.S. officials, I now use words andimages to express thoughts. My time is spent fully submerged in the world of art — as a faculty member/photography teacher at Glen Echo, feature arts writer for the Renwick Quarterly, and board member of DC’s arts groupDay Eight, and The James Renwick Alliance (JRA), as well as Asheville’s Center for Craft. My visual growth has emerged through significant time spent during winter residencies at Penland School of Craft/Haystack and Anderson Ranch…and now my focus, whether behind the camera or seated in a ceramic studiois completely transfixed on seeing – experimenting – writing andmaking in multiple mediums. My image speaks to altered perspectives in the wake of the pandemic. Politics, travel, and all aspects of life have been altered. Whether a tangible sense of place or a metaphorical sense of hope –– I use my eyes and point my lens to a turning tide which is at the heart of these images –– despite the dire times. 

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Podcast – Tales of a Red Clay Rambler – Shifting CareersMay 23, 2019 hour interview 

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