Dariush Vaziri

nonedual 2

Oil on canvas

24″ x 72″



Artist Statement

I make paintings that I would like to see displayed on my own walls, and that almost always means the paintings have to have two qualities. First and foremost, they have to be visually attractive and exciting and I should never get tired of looking at them. Second, they need to invoke a sense of self inquiry which usually brings me to a place of quietude and reflection.  

My medium of choice is watercolor, as well as oils. For certain paintings I start with an attractive reference photograph which I may graphically manipulate so to emphasize a mood or evoke a certain feeling. Other paintings start with a blank canvas and no intended plan of action, a sort of a meditative, stream of consciousness practice. 

Instagram: @dariush.artist  
Facebook: @dariushvaziri 

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