Winston Harris

2020 Time For Change

Digital Collage Cutout Print on Acrylic Texture Paper

69”x 42”



Artist Statement

My printmaking involves modifying the artwork by refining the print’s surface in order to identify the bold colors and present stencil-like patterns embedded in the design. An example of this progression would be to integrate a traditional printmaking technique with a digital process, creating a free standing structural print, combining traditional prints and/or digital prints with hand-colored processes and/or adding to the surface watercolors, colored pencils/pens/charcoal, paints etc… After, I established progressive modification in my artwork, I applied different elements to display a transition such as introducing two disciplines into one format, transforming two-dimensional prints into three-dimensional structural forms, combining different mediums, reinventing the image by recycling past artwork into a new identity. My primary objectives will also, focus on my desire to create a well rounded artistic and educational experience. This involves color theory, line quality, balance, perspective, scale and other formal issues surrounding my creative process that has tailored the development of my artwork. My goal is to create an individual style within this process and be identified as an artist with equal or advance craftsmanship. Furthermore, I’ve worked with established artists from diverse disciplines in order to expand my professional development as a printmaker. My strategy to develop challenging conceptual formats recognizing the importance and evolution that involves composing compositions which attempts to provoke and promote self awareness, social consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. Visual arts serve as a universal language that opens the barrier, unifies the conceptual theme and innovative technology which allow any interested person to become involved. My interest is to facilitate a diverse audience to motivate, inspire and educate participates

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