Milan Warner

Socket Colony

Silicone, twine, paint, dye, adhesive



Artist Statement

Past moments deteriorate, reform, and enter the abstract in the imperfect mind but what was felt in these instances always stay as well their impact on a person’s identity. I embody memory and the human form in my work to arouse strong emotions. I strive to make objects that turn the fleeting reality that has been warped, destroyed, and reformed in the mind into something tangible. Materiality, volume, and texture informs my intuitive work with the intention of expressing the inexplicable. By utilizing the physicality of objects, I capture and replicate the passion, the excitement, the warmth, and the fear attached to the remnants of memory. My work often depicts various reflections of my past self in conjunction with my present self as a being living in my body at a given time and place. I use fragments of memory to explore my identity as a person of color, a woman, a second generation immigrant raised in a foreign environment, and the intersections of these fragments of my identity. Exploring the place between belonging and foreign, my work warps the human body and combines it with natural elements to make anxiety inducing, surreal forms, stirring up the visceral feelings hidden beneath the skin.

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