Ellen Hill


Acrylic, carved shina and basswood ply on panel

52.75” x 32.5”



Artist Statement

I create mixed media paintings by assembling panels and fragments of carved, painted, and inked wood to produce richly textured artworks that reflect my strong respect for nature. I work with wood because it has a warmth and history in its fiber, and I like that it comes out of the ground and carries a textural and tactile energy. The repetition in my process is an expressive act for me, expressive of feelings I have about the constancy of natural cycles and the joy and comfort I find in them.

Recently, my work has become more pattern oriented as traditionally decorative arts and crafts such as quilting, hook rugs, and mosaic have influenced my work. In creating my work, I respond to the physical materials involved, making use of different media for their individual strengths and their combined expressive power. Typically this involves building layers of mark making, painting and carving images that resonate with me emotionally, and combining them over time in the studio


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