Daniel Merkowitz-Bustos


Tulle, spray paint, foam, gold




Artist Statement

I am interested in tulle due to how it can bring expressive qualities to sculpture. A piece of tulle on its own is thin and transparent, but when using many layers, it begins to transform. Dimension is added as the tulle points in all directions, creating texture like a brushstroke. As the thin layers of color stack together, the form becomes more opaque and vibrant, like layers of watercolor coming together. Tulle allows me to bring these painterly qualities to sculpture. I am also interested in exploring traditionally feminine and masculine elements and challenging these expectations.

From the dress of a ballet dancer to wedding gowns, tulle is a strongly feminine fabric used almost exclusively in garments designed for women. The bright and airy tulle is then placed in contrast with spikes, molten foam, and pared back palettes. I want to show the value in mixing these different elements, showing that we do not have to be constrained by these outdated ideals. The sum ends up being greater than its parts when I bring these elements together. Tulle allows me to bring painterly qualities to sculpture, and holds a specific context in fashion, allowing me to create a very expressive narrative in my work.


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