Carol Tudor Beach

Marsh Plants

acrylic on canvas

18” x 24”



Artist Statement

I am an artist and designer, and I paint on canvases, walls and furniture. I have done restoration work, decorative painting and gilding. I usually paint in acrylics, but I also work in watercolor, colored pencil and graphite, and have learned egg tempera and fresco. I enjoy the craft aspect of painting and throughout my career I have loved learning traditional and contemporary techniques.

I enjoy painting nature and botanical subjects, but I also paint landscapes and cityscapes. I am currently painting groups of plants that grow together on a particular site, such as in a marsh or a meadow. I am interested in studying the pollinators that help sustain them. When I observe a plant before I paint it, I always research the structure and life cycle of the plant, along with the pollinator. It is helpful to question why a plant is shaped the way it is, what makes it stand up and grow, why the leaves are arranged in a certain way, and how the pollinator works to facilitate reproduction of the plant.

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