Anne Cherubim

Earth In Pieces II

Mixed Media

site specific installation



Artist Statement

An underlying thread in my work is the environment. I paint abstracted scenes inspired by the natural world. Without social responsibility, these scenes will evanesce. I work with the ideas of layers, & memory: how one memory leads to others, & how images shift, depending on lighting, particularly when metallic pigment is used. Like memory, layered with perception, emotion, time, & experience, my paintings are built with layers of colour. I believe art is a “way in”, no matter where you come from, what language you speak. With art, time stops, & reminds us how we’re all one – connected. Now, more than ever, we must recognize that inter-connectedness. I am primarily a painter. The images I am submitting for jurying are samples to serve as an idea of work in progress to be submitted to this call for art. I have been playing with the idea of paint, not only as medium, but as substrate. I have bypassed the canvas, as a result, with these particular paintings taking on sculptural form. They are like little “pieces” that make up a larger “painting”. Sometimes the work lends itself to being suspended because the pieces are as beautiful on one “side” as the other. Suspension allows them to be viewed from all sides. Depending on placement, the interplay of light, casting coloured shadows on the wall, adds yet another dimension to the work. I would like to propose this type of work to be suspended, and see how its shadows & movement interact with either the wall, or canvas on the wall behind the pieces.

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