Alison Powers

Dengue Fever

Ink and Colored Pencil on Synthetic Paper

40” x 26”



Artist Statement

I appreciate haiku, the Japanese poetry that celebrates small moments in nature. I try to channel a similar mindset as I draw and paint, reflecting on the subtle aspects of the natural world. My medium is primarily ink, which enables me to achieve a transparency and layered effect that is unique to this ancient medium. As I work, I sense a connection with long-ago artists who know the pleasure of seeing ink glide across a piece of paper. My gestural, organic shapes tend to reference all my favorite natural subjects: flowers, insects, mountains, water, the jungle, rain. The marks, drips and spatters evident in my work are all part of the kinetic energy I feel when outside. I welcome the unexpected, and give the ink permission to find its own way across the paper — a kind of push-pull between the conscious and unconscious, as we take turns finding the right path.

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