Methods of Inquiry: Fields of Discovery

Runs January 11 through March 3, 2018

Methods of Inquiry: Fields of Discovery features six artists whose work is influenced by science. Both the methods of discovery and images and concepts related to fields such as chemistry, microbiology, neuroscience, physics and genetics are referenced. Commonalities that exist between science and art are embraced as both process and outcome in the works included in this exhibition. Exhibited together, the works of these six artists offer views from multiple angles of the wonder found in the natural world, both inner and outer, and the processes human beings employ in order to gain a greater understanding of them. Participating artists include Leslie Holt, Susan Main, Michele Banks, Spencer Dormitzer, Marc Roberge, and Atsuko Chirikjian. 

Ideas explored by the selected artists include:

  • Michele Banks exhibits abstracted images that refer to basic biology, cell and microbiology and neurology.
  • Atsuko Chirikjian’s Stain Project shelf sculptures look like especially elegant and beautiful scientific experiments. Using materials and processes from the laboratory, test tubes are filled with colored liquid that is transported via absorbent string to adjacent paper.
  • Spencer Dormitzer’s drawings initiate intricate layers of accumulated marks with a circular format. Reminiscent of petri dishes or slides for viewing cells through a microscope, the building up of marks within the structure mimic methods of scientific discovery, where findings and processes are repeated time and again to highlight patterns and prove results.
  • Leslie Holt examines mixed media paintings from her Brian Stain series. These works employ an abstracted staining technique using acrylic paint and embroidery thread to interpret PET scan images of the brains’ experience of different mental illnesses as well as diagrammatic images of neurons.
  • Susan Main combines painting, drawing, video and projection to explore transitory phenomena, focusing on that which is on the periphery of our conscious attention.
  • Marc Robarge’s sculptures are rooted in a deep reverence for the forms and processes of nature. Biomorphic abstracted forms are built from tree limbs and bark, berries and leaf-like forms. The regenerative processes of nature are highlighted.
Atsuko Chirikjian, "Pigment Chronology--Detail"
Spencer Dormitzer, "PONDER er... ING, or, I am The Asteroid"
Michele Banks