With the Grain: Paintings by J.T. Kirkland

This exhibition features multipart and shaped paintings on wood. Focusing on line, color, form and structure, J.T. Kirkland combines wood and paint into uniquely warm and abstract paintings in the minimalist vein.  Using grain of the wood as both guide and essential component, Kirkland incorporates and contrasts the organic nature of the material with the crisp intentionality of hard-edged blocks of color.

Runs April 13 – June 3, 2017
Opening Exhibition Reception Thursday, April 20, 2017 from 7:00 until 9:00 pm.

J.T. Kirkland, "Subspace_251"
J.T. Kirkland, "Subspace_252"


1446 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22101

Mon – Thurs    10am – 9:30pm
Fri – Sat            10am – 4pm