Kristina Penhoet

As (re)Spoken Lies Become Truths

wool fiber, glass, silk, and thread

36″ x  18″ x 22″




Artist Statement

By seeking perfection, but finding true beauty only in the imperfections caused by chance, nature, and human interaction, Kristina is fascinated by the challenging experiences and emotions that make up the depth and breadth of human experience. In her work, she considers seemingly negative events such as abandonment, betrayal, disconnection, judgement, misrepresentation, and loss and the accompanying feelings of fear, sadness, revulsion, and anger, choosing to express them in abstract sculptural forms.

These biomorphic forms are inspired by the human body (and other living organisms) to connect the viewer to the work and invoke the broad range of emotions that we are capable of feeling. The repetition of forms common in much of her work is intended to enhance the emotional response of the viewer while reminding them of the universality of their experiences. She wants to challenge viewers to be curious, seeking understanding and, perhaps, even beauty, in those most difficult moments that make us human and lead us to profound empathy and a greater understanding of one another.

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