Jean Sausele Knodt

Rose in Rubato  

oil on board  

48″ x 54″ x 19″




Artist Statement

Direction for these mixed media wall-mounted paintings grew with a goal to keep paint, gesture and color relationships continually fresh while seeking and exhausting inherent possibilities.

The resulting working process is quite animated as I move about various parts and pieces to reveal countless relationships. The action can, however, also build itself into a disturbed and frenzied fragmentation that then needs to be dealt with and restructured.

In this way, perhaps cathartically, the work has become an arena for me to come to terms with what whirls about in my day-to-day life. A time to both celebrate and confront unfolding visual, societal and cultural realities – – those which float about gently, or at times, disturb and clash-combine. With elements that I first cut with saws, paint, cast in concrete or stitch with thread, I aim to orchestrate a newly personalized sense of whole with each assemblage – – some might dance about, others hug together in clusters, yet all embody a new time and place – – that resonates something I relate to and am
driven to make manifest.

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