Cusp II

spray paint, gesso, foam, wood

47″ x 47″ x 8.5″




Artist Statement

Hsin-Hsi Chen is known for her exquisite, illusionary pencil drawings on unique complex constructed 3D forms of paper and wood. Chen’s initial mission was to use only these basic materials and see how far they would take her. Her recent work has evolved beyond 3D drawings to include a variety of scales, two/three-dimensional work, large-scale/full-room installation, collaborations using 3D modeling/printing, interactive digital projection and the latest textile/modular site-specific installation. Chen assembles new work that considers the space as a site where light, shadow, space, drawing, and discovery merge.

Chen disorients viewers with actual and imaginary planes of drawing, light, shadow, illumination in illogical sequences of complex 3D structure, installation and interactive dimension – to present her interest and vision in riddled paths of existences, the unknowns of the universe, surreal, geometric and architectural constructions. The untouchable and invisible time overlaps the unpredictable occurrences and growth in space as the light illuminates those mysterious elements and source of life. The shadow within reflects its subject as the soul to the human being.


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