Esperanza Alzona

Hearing Room

cast aluminum

6″x 7-1/2″ x 7-1/2″




Artist Statement

My current body of work focuses on representations of concepts and qualities of humanness, the characterization of certain universal emotions, sensations, thought processes, the embodiment of self-identity and manifestations of spirituality. Having a background as a professional dancer, choreographer and competitive athlete, I am used to employing the language of the human body as a means of creative expression, and my inclination in sculpture is to use aspects and parts of the human anatomy to convey ideas in physical form. Working primarily in metal renders a certain weight and material presence that I find particularly engaging. I enjoy the juxtaposition of sometimes seemingly incongruent objects that infer symbolic meaning. Seeing my work I wish the viewer to find resonance and relevance of “being human” as I explore and express in physical form various aspects, abstractions and iterations centering around the mind-body connection and the human experience.

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