Emily Fussner

What Do You See?


5″  x 12″  x 12″




Artist Statement

I spend a lot of time crouched down close to cracks and light. In parking lots, I fill and cast cracks with paper pulp, or trace and photograph shifting shapes of sunlight and shadow in a stairwell. Considered with attention and care, these overlooked liminal spaces and ordinary ephemeral phenomena become thresholds of possibility. I translate the on-site documentation into prints, books, installations, and sculptures that can unfold in other spaces, allowing new possibilities to emerge as the mundane and peripheral envelop and confront the viewer in unexpected ways.

The haptic processes and materials I use, such as handmade paper, acrylic, and steel, inhabit a tension between what is fragile and strong, ethereal and resilient. My work gives material form to what is usually transient and intangible, visualizing the gap between passing and dwelling, between a reflection of what is and a proposal of what could be.


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