Elizabeth Vorlicek

Tea For Two With Duchamp

stoneware, cone 6, found objects, porcelain

14″ x 9″ x 8″




Artist Statement

I create environments in collage and three-dimensional still-life arrangements, that not only capture moments from daily life, but also unfurl fantastical settings from my imagination.

Stamps, envelopes, scraps of fabric and patterned paper detritus are composed in arrangements, setting up compositions and a sense of play of color, texture and space.   Slip and under-glaze painted “clay textile” slabs swaddle and form the skin and foundation for my clay works. Paper which folds, cloth which drapes and vines which intertwine, work to house and interact with the arrangements. Colors’ ability to flirt with the onlooker and activate the space within each composition is a constant source of motivation.

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