Annie Broderick

Pleated Chain: 20,384 inches

cotton sateen, embroidery floss, concrete remesh





Artist Statement

My work explores compression vs. expansion of the Self.

I torque, tie, stretch, and stitch my materials with the force of emotional experience. I often use a contrast of soft, raw textiles and hard, industrial metal, as a means of expressing dualities that exist in me.

I created Pleated Chain by pleating and hand-smocking 20,384 inches of material into one long chain.

I grew up in the Deep South and wore dresses hand-smocked by my maternal grandmother for much of my babyhood and childhood. Often they were constructed of soft white cotton similar to the material in Pleated Chain. Pleated Chain simultaneously honors and breaks from the historical tradition of smocking so present in my memory as a symbol of the southern culture in which I was raised.

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